About Us

Bunch of fun loving serious, grownup kids.

Our dedication towards making client's journey smooth.

Equipped with full circle of solutions in the space, team of experienced individuals nurtures it every day, where in our innovative programmers ensures the journey of product life cycle remains youthful and smooth. Having a full time agency www.contentgully.com on board keeps the momentum in get going in very innovative way.

Our approach towards any project.

How we do our job

Prototyping 95%
Web Application 90%
Design 78%
Digital Marketing 83%
Mobile Apps 82%

We segment the work as per the nature of the requirement. Then relevant client service team members process the job with a central unit, the respective team gets aligned with the service manager and takes the discussion forward with the client.

Then as per technical discussion worksheet gets into place with a time chart of expectations vs delivery. This process has been repeated numerous times, which gives us an edge over other software development agencies for a faster turnaround at a best possible price situation.

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